TLC Phonics Program will teach your child to read through music. Music is a great tool to tell stories, memorize information, and share thoughts and feelings. The TLC Phonics Program is great for beginning readers, struggling readers, and ESL learners! The program encourages a lifelong passion for reading and helps your young students succeed! Recommended for Pre-K to 2nd graders.


“The TLC Phonics Program is a best kept secret. This unique program makes learning fun and exciting. My two daughters look forward to listening to the TLC phonics songs all the time. It makes them excited and energized.”

- Mrs K, mother of 4 and 6 years old

"My kindergarten students have enjoyed watching and listening to the TLC Phonics songs. They were able to sing along with the songs the first time because of the repetition of the letter sounds. They delight in the comical illustrations and catchy lyrics. As a teacher, I know that they are learning the kindergarten standards in a fun and innovative way. I am able to reinforce the specific letter sounds and vocabulary that I’m introducing or reviewing. There are many ways to differentiate my instruction with the TLC Phonics songs, and my students are using various learning styles and multiple intelligences with each song and activity. I’m recommending TLC Phonics Program to the K-3 teachers at my school and district!

- Tanja Villamor, K-3 Teacher

"TLC Phonics Program offers pre-literacy learning as it was meant to be and as parents want it to be: pure and fun. Without gimmicks or the input of modern commercial advertisers, the TLC program will develop your child's cognitive, linguistic, and speech skills through the use of music, visual cues, and quizzes, to arrive at reading readiness. Give your child a head start. As an educator, I would highly recommend TLC Phonics Program as the perfect place to start your child on the path of life time discovery, learning, and school success. TLC Phonics will help you spark your child's interest in learning before they ever step foot in a school."

- Sharon Powell, Coordinator, World Educational Services

"Music is a valuable learning tool for children of many cultures. The students of ALAN (Porto Alegre, Brazil) enjoy learning English through TLC Phonics Songs. Just as well, the catchy rhythms and tunes allow them to pick up the songs very easily."

- Melisa Orozco, Coordinator & Teacher, ALAN Brazil

"The song videos that the children view, such as "Long Vowel" and "Short Vowel" word families are very beneficial. The TLC Phonics Program teaches children the building blocks of basic reading skills. They provide fun ways of learning English literacy Skills!"

- Lisa Georgakopoulos, mother of two, director of Perfect Angels Children Care NY

A Message From Ms. Angie

Some words from one of the TLC Phonics Program instructors.

TLC Phonics Program teaches children to read and write based on music. Through 900 lessons, 200+ songs, 5000+ quizzes, 1800 worksheets, children will be able to establish a strong foundation of literacy and reading skills that is essential for future academic success.